Environmental Statement:

This statement covers all aspects related to the environment and applies to all Grange Construction & Roofing Co. Ltd operations.

Grange Construction & Roofing Co. Ltd complies with relevant legislation, eg Protection of the Environment Act, 2003, as well as associated regulations and guidance.

Wherever possible the most stringent internal and environmental criteria will be followed. The company does and will continue to provide evidence of compliance with current and future environmental standards.

Grange Construction & Roofing Co. Ltd will:

  • Commit management resources to implement this environmental statement by the introduction of an effective system throughout all Grange Construction & Roofing Co. Ltd.
  • Monitor and report progress against agreed targets and objectives.
  • Only use materials from a safe and renewable source of supply.
  • Seek to re-use, recycle and recover raw materials and waste.
  • Seek to conserve scarce and non-renewable resources, such as energy, in all operations.
  • Aim to maintain the highest degree of control on emissions and discharges of materials to the environment and endeavour to reduce the impact of such emissions to the environment.
  • Conduct regular checks of practices and procedures and respond to any deficiencies identified through a planned programme of remedial action.
  • Continue to minimise environmental risks by raising employees’ awareness, employing safe technologies and operating procedures.
  • Continue to be sensitive to the needs of local residents and their ecology so as far as its operational activities are concerned.
  • Seek to ensure that suppliers and contractors to Grange Construction & Roofing Co. Ltd do not operate to environmental standards that conflict with Grange Construction & Roofing Co. Ltd environmental statement.

We also have a strong reputation for adhering to the latest safety standards and all of our staff attend any important training courses and safety courses in order to keep up with any new developments within the industry.


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