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Eco-Friendly Products

Green Roofing
Green roofing can hold an extensive volume of water before releasing into drainage systems which helps avert flooding in extreme rainfall conditions. Green roofs also help protect the waterproofing from UV radiation because if protected from UV and extreme temperatures drying and cracking is prevented. Aside from being visually pleasing, you also get a thermal resistance from Green Roofing because it minimises solar gain thereby reducing the need for air conditioning.

Roofing Membranes
With energy costs continuing to rise, the popularity of eco-friendly roofing systems is on the rise. At Grange Construction & Roofing, we are encouraging our clients to use more eco-friendly and environmentally friendly roofing membranes for their projects. Listed below are several types of roofing membrane systems offered by Grange Roofing that can help to reduce the overall carbon footprint of a project. Many of these systems are low maintenance, offer great energy savings. Eco-friendly roofing membranes can be achieved through usage of: protective coatings, reflective membranes, garden systems, slate, metal and tile.

Eco-Friendly Cladding
Wallflore is an innovative system specifically designed for permanent greening the facade of your building. It combines a quick-fixing patented support – FLIXLIDE, a patented hidden built-in irrigation system – IRRICYCLE and patented plated cladding panels- WALLFLORE is available in a wide range of plants and colours. It can be used for inside or outside walls. WALLFLORE enhances your building energy rating, reduces its carbon footprint by using recycled panels complete with pre-grown plants, provides ventilation and protection for your building.


Visit our FACADE GREENING WEBSITE for more information on eco-friendly internal and external cladding solutions.



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